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Owner of Junebug Design Company


Three years ago, I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life and we had THE most perfect day! Throughout the planning process, I absolutely fell in love with designing the look, vibe, and decor of our day. My wife and I have very different styles and we each wanted our unique styles represented. Unfortunately, we couldn't find or couldn't afford the decor we had seen on Pinterest so after months of DIYing and crafting each detail, we were able to create a modern romantic feel that was perfectly us!

Although we saved thousands of dollars by DIYing, we were left with an insane amount of candle holders, signs, and other decorations to get rid of after the wedding. THIS SPARKED AN IDEA! 

What if there was a company that rented all kinds of wedding and reception decor, not just arbors or tables? What if there was a company with all different styles of decor available for rent, where you can mix and match? What if there was a company that acted as a one-stop shop with rentals and day of design coordination? 

And Junebug Design + Decor was born! Named after my daughter Addison June, I wanted to create a company solely focused on making your day truly spectacular without breaking the bank. I would love to help you and your partner create the wedding of your dreams!



turn your Pinterest board into a reality. To provide beautiful pieces at an affordable price. To simplify the planning process and take the pressure off your shoulders. To provide a space for collaboration for those seeking to create a unique vibe. We are here for you!

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